Been a funny sort of year so far - promoted at work, then delayed because of Coronavirus. Can’t start moving home, which is inconvenient as my daughter is due to start university. Then again, can’t complain because I still get paid when I’m staying at home.

More spare time has allowed me to catch up on reading and even completing some video games. Not to mention that I’ve an opportunity to further by degree and take some courses in machine learning. Following the once a day exercise guidance I’m even free to get out an run each day!


This additional time has allowed me to finally move away from Wordpress - hence the site look has changed quite a lot. No-one was commenting, mainly because it had become a chore to go through all the trolls and spam so I decided to use Jekyll and move to a static site. It’s been nice opportunity to try some new stuff - never used Ruby before and I started using the Atom editor which has turned out to be a delight to use and very well integrated with git.

Impressed with Jekyll!

Most recent posts

  • Machine Learning

    Coronavirus has seen many of us stuck indoors for potentially months so I’ve been taking advantage of the time trying out a course in Machine Learning.

  • Python List Comprehension

    I’ve been spending time with Python recently and am beginning to really like some of the language’s features. List comprehension (listcomp) creates a list by evaluating an expression on each item in a given list, from left to right.

  • Rainbow Hat

    Pimoroni’s Rainbow Hat offers a nice selection of inputs and outputs using a variety of protocols. This makes it a great way to experiment with Raspberry Pi, especially as Hardware Attached on Top (HAT) avoids the messiness of breadboards and shorting links!

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