Welcome to my personal site! It’s statically generated with Jekyll and doesn’t have comments, adverts or tracking. With an interest in software, electronics and open source I find it helps to write the journey and maybe it can help someone else struggling with some unhelpful error message.


This additional time has allowed me to finally move away from Wordpress - hence the site look has changed quite a lot. No-one was commenting, mainly because it had become a chore to go through all the trolls and spam so I decided to use Jekyll and move to a static site. It’s been nice opportunity to try some new stuff - never used Ruby before and I started using the Atom editor which has turned out to be a delight to use and very well integrated with git.

Privacy policy

This is a statically generated site. I don’t collect any data, set any cookies or require logins. There’s no tracking or advertising and I’ve zero interest in anyone else’s personal data.